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Jana B. Woodhouse


Jana B. Woodhouse has just been recognized as one of the top Financial Advisors in the COUNTRY! She has over 33 years experience on all levels of Financial advice and planning including, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Stocks & Bond Investing, Life & Health Insurances, Long Term Care, Disabilities, 401K & Retirement plans and Strategies, Family Trusts, College Education Planning. She handles all and anything that deals with money, finance and securities. 


There are tens of thousands of people in the country that hold a license or 2 to work with someone in Finance however there are only 8,000 that hold all of the top licenses that Jana B. Woodhouse does. That means there is 1.2 people in each city across the US that can legally do what she does. Now take her experience and years in business and you bring that figure down to only about .5 people in each city that can do what she does.


Jana B. Woodhouse has been leading the nation in Financial Strategy and Solutions for many many years. She was one of the first women on Wall Street where she spent 18 years as one of the top brokers there. She dedicates her time to teaching and educating people in the Urban Communities and in her home city of NY.


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